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Dentists Testimonials

Carol L. Phillips, DDS

"For over two decades Dave has delivered consistently fine results for us based on his personal concerns for the patient outcome combined with his unique education and experience. Single, as well as multiple restorations are made within the framework of full mouth function. He 'gets it'."
Swiss Dental Center

Keyla Springe, DDS

"Dave is special with his visual problem-solving and communication. My patients are thrilled with their esthetic and functional results our collaboration has given them. The ease of fit and finish he dilvers makes me look good!"
Pacific Coast Dentistry

Kendra M. Erickson, DDS

"Precision Dental Arts has been my trusted partner for more than 11 years and my husband's for more than 17 years. Dave is easily accessible and constantly delivers. He encourages continuing education for himself and his dental partners. He is very knowledgable in the latest materials. Dave's number one priority is keeping his clients and their patients happy!"