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About Precision Dental Arts

Precision Dental Arts is a small family owned dental laboratory who has been delivering high quality esthetic dental work through the personalized service of David Gabrys for over 40 years. David earned one of the first certificates as a Bioesthetics Dental Technician from the OBI Foundation of Bioesthetic Dentistry founded by Robert L. Lee, D.D.S. His educational experience continues and supports implant reconstruction such as Swiss Implant’s Pathway Learning Series founded by Carol Phillips, D.D.S. David’s skill, determination, and eye for detail, is demonstrated in each and every case.

The pursuit of excellence is our goal for each case. With your collaboration our highly skilled technicians will individually create any of your dental restoration needs, specializing in both the esthetics and function of the full mouth in all of our cases. We ship custom made products to dentists all across the nation.

We are dedicated to the development of career long relationships with the doctors we serve. David’s open and honest dialogue style will support your team with his knowledge, problem solving abilities, training, and educational experience. His exacting standards and the resulting quality of work will keep you coming back.